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Save up to 45% on your business’ energy costs

At Network Telecom we help you to get the best deal on your business’ energy contracts, reducing your energy consumption, minimising your carbon footprint and ensuring that your tariff is suited to your individual business needs.

Did you know that 40% of businesses have never switched energy suppliers? By comparing 10,000s of tariffs from all our recommended suppliers, we can reduce your energy bills by up to 45% and fix your rates for longer. Regardless of political factors, rising oil prices or market fluctuations, our software constantly monitors the market and ensures you are getting the best deal.

The savings we generate from your energy bills can then either go directly back into your business or we can use them to fund a brand-new business phone system, further reducing any wasted spend and improving cost efficiencies.

save on your business' energy bills with Network Telecom

With pricing in the energy market often changing on a weekly basis, it can be frustrating to keep track of constantly updating quotes. We remove the stress by contacting your existing supplier, managing the switch process from start to finish.

We can offer:

  • Free energy comparison to make sure you are on the lowest rates
  • Price capping, regardless of political factors, rising oil prices or market fluctuations, to fix your rates for longer
  • 100% green energy at a competitive cost to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Smart meters that can help cut energy bills by giving more accurate readings more regularly
  • Bill validation to ensure your current bills are correct
  • Forward purchasing so that, even if you are in contract, we can secure you savings on your next contract
  • Specialists in half hourly meters
  • Proactive contract management so you never spend over the odds on high ‘out of contract’ rates

Use your savings to fund a brand-new business phone system

The savings we generate from your energy bills can of course go straight back into your business, but they can also be used to further boost your bottom line when you consolidate your energy and telecoms costs with Network Telecom.

We use the savings we generate from your energy bills to fund a brand-new business phone system, helping you to get the best rates across the board and improve your business’ efficiency, productivity and profitability by utilising the latest technology.

save money and fund a brand new phone system with Network Telecom

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