Call Management

What is call management?

A phone system with call management and reporting will allow you to view and save every call that takes place within your business. For instance, with our call management software, NT Re-Call, you’ll be able to make sure that missed calls don’t turn into missed sale opportunities. A a result, no matter if you choose an on-premise or cloud phone system, you take control of your call data.

Why choose a business phone system with call management?

Manage your teams:

Call management is one of the most effective ways to manage your teams. So, whether they’re office-based or working remotely, you can see who has been making the most calls, who needs to improve their talk time and which departments are taking too long to answer the phones.

Identify missed and unreturned calls:

Do you wonder how many people have called your business and hung up, only to potentially call a competitor? Have you ever thought about how many calls you’re missing out of hours? Wonder no more! With NT-Recall, you will have this data at your fingertips!

Capture every opportunity to connect:

With the option to view historical reports or real time activity, as well as the ability to focus on departments and individual employees, NT Re-Call will make sure you’re capturing every opportunity to connect with customers.

User-friendly reporting:

NT Re-Call features a selection of predefined reports, including caller tolerance, hourly call distribution, DDI analysis and unreturned missed calls information. So, you’ll have a better understanding of the workings of your business and identify immediate areas for improvement.

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Key Features

  • Identify missed and unreturned calls
  • Identify calls outside of normal hours
  • Verify call costs
  • Identify billing anomalies
  • Combat telecommunications fraud
  • Analyse resource allocation
  • Design shift patterns vs. call volumes
  • Analyse marketing campaigns
  • Evaluate caller tollerance
  • Reduce manpower costs
  • Provide reports on performance

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