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What is CTI?

As the names suggests, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) links your traditional Business phone system or Hosted business phone system with your office computer . By integrating your IT and business phone systems together, our CTI application will create a more productive, efficient and customer orientated workforce.

How will CTI benefit my business?

NT Connect will enable you and your team to manage work effectively and return calls quickly and efficiently, by allowing instant access to your call information and call history. All data can be saved, ensuring you can return all missed calls.

By combining CTI with your CRM system, it can be of even more use to your business. When you receive a call from a customer, you will instantly be presented with all of their information held on the system, as well as the caller’s ID and details regarding all previous correspondence, thus creating potential for a more personable and meaningful customer interaction. If for some reason a caller isn’t identified, CTI will perform a Google search and inform you of where the call is coming from, giving you a head start on providing excellent customer service.

Don’t want to potentially transfer a call to someone who isn’t at their desk? NT Connect will provide you with a display to show who is available or already on another call. Manually typing in phone numbers using your business phone system will also be a thing of the past, with CTI allowing you to quickly and easily dial from your desktop, simply by clicking a number in your web browser, or straight from the CRM database.

Key Features

  • ‘Click to Dial’ from PC
  • Control calls from your computer screen
  • Internal Contact Manager
  • ‘At a glance’ Call History
  • Presence: See the status of colleagues
  • Instant Messaging
  • CRM Integration
  • Google Places Integration

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