Computer Integration (CTI)

What is CTI?

One of our most popular features, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) links your business phone system with your office computer and CRM systems. Our CTI application, NT Connect, is simple to use and opens the door to a whole host of great business benefits, designed to help your teams become more productive, efficient and customer orientated. Empower your teams today by choosing an on-premise or cloud phone system with CTI.

Why choose a business phone system with CTI?

Reduce missed calls (and missed sales) with instant access to call history:

With our CTI software, NT Connect, your teams will have instant, onscreen access to their call history and caller information. This means calls can be returned quickly and efficiently, reducing any missed calls and missed sales opportunities.

See when colleagues are available or on the phone:

Don’t want to potentially transfer a call to someone who isn’t at their desk? NT Connect provides you with a display to show the presence of your colleagues, whether they are in the office or working remotely. So, you can see who is available, already on another call or away from their desk making a coffee. In addition, you can send instant messages to colleagues, letting them know you tried to call or passing on a message.

Integrate with your CRM systems to boost customer service:

Combining CTI with your CRM systems can be a powerful tool. For example, when you receive a call from a customer, a small pop up window will automatically appear on your screen, displaying the information you hold about them on your system. This gives your team a head start as they will know who is calling before they answer the phone, see details regarding all previous correspondence and have the chance to create a more personable and meaningful customer service experience.

Save time by never having to manually dial a phone number again!

Manually dialling phone numbers using your business phone system can be a thing of the past. With CTI, you can quickly and easily dial from your desktop, simply by clicking a number in your web browser, or straight from your CRM database. This is particularly useful for teams who make a lot of outbound calls, saving them valuable time each and every day.

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Key Features

  • ‘Click to Dial’ from PC
  • Control calls from your computer screen
  • Internal Contact Manager
  • ‘At a glance’ Call History
  • Presence: See the status of colleagues
  • Instant Messaging
  • CRM Integration

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