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Mobile Integration

Our WE VoIP solution is a smartphone application that turns your mobile device into an IP phone, providing full-featured desk phone functionality and calls over any WiFi network.

This mobile application helps make your smart phone a mobile extension of your office phone system. Making and receiving calls over WiFi, rather than as a traditional mobile call, can result in huge cost savings and efficiencies. Furthermore, calls made to and from your office from mobile users that never leave the IP network will be completely free of charge. Integrating with your business phone system, calls can be routed through your system using the IP network and connected as a standard rate call.

Integrating with your business phone system, it provides remote employees with a voice-over-IP (VoIP) WiFi call service either when out of the office or on the move. Providing conference calling, transferring and ‘call back later’ functions, users can elect to “Receive” or “Reject” incoming calls, or to postpone them via the “hold” function.

The application operates just like a standard mobile phone that conveniently lets users distinguish between mobile and VoIP phone calls. Both modes are fully integrated, making it possible to receive or reject incoming calls even when outside of a WiFi zone. If WiFi signal is lost during a conversation, the phone call seamlessly transfers into a mobile call and moves on to the cellular network.

Integrating with your office phone system, caller ID is displayed with names and contact information for anybody stored in your company or mobile address book.

Key Features

  • Crystal clear call quality over WiFi
  • Huge savings on mobile minutes
  • Benefit from local rate calls over mobile
  • Free IP network WiFi calls
  • Integrate your desk phone and mobile
  • Full-featured business phone functionality

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