A tough and reliable business broadband connection.

Affordable and easy to install while offering a resilient, dependable connection, it’s no surprise that EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile) is one of the most commonly purchased types of leased lines. Whether you’re urban or rurally located, our EFM solution makes leased lines extremely cost effective, whilst delivering the same reliable SLAs.

At Network Telecom, each EFM circuit we install is tailored to the individual requirements of each business, ensuring you only pay for what you need. Delivering guaranteed symmetrical bandwidth speeds between 2Mbps and 30Mbps, this approach could save you up to 40% when compared to a fibre based leased line.

As your business grows, EFM provides a cost-effective next step from ADSL or FTTC. With the capacity to support more users that ADSL with no noticeable drop in speed, EFM can also provide equal speeds for both uploading and downloading data.

Due to EFM being delivered on multiple copper pairs, it is extremely resilient. If one of the copper pairs becomes defective, there will be a gradual degradation of bandwidth as opposed to a total loss of service.

As an uncontended product, you won’t be sharing your EFM connection with anyone else – it will be dedicated solely to your business. Additionally, the unmetered symmetrical nature of EFM makes it an ideal business broadband solution for companies using SIP, hosted telephony and video conferencing, as well as businesses who regularly upload large quantities of data.

Key Features

  • Speeds of 2Mbps to 30Mbps available
  • Symmetrical upload and download
  • Up to 45% cheaper than leased lines
  • Lower rental and installation costs
  • Faster installation time
  • Supports IP data services
  • Fully uncontended connection
  • Guaranteed bandwidth
  • Comprehensive SLAs

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