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Fibre Broadband

Fibre broadband speeds will allow your organisation to break free from the shackles of slow internet connectivity and add far greater flexibility to your working practices. When having a business that relys on fast internet connectivity, fibre broadband can provide both the speeds and performance required.

Sometimes referred to as “Superfast Broadband” it provides your business with internet access speeds capable of dealing with all of your modern workplace requirements.

Providing this super-fast connection straight to your premises with up to 80Mbps download and 20Mbps upload speeds, it’s up to five times faster than standard ADSL broadband.

Fibre also allows SME businesses to take advantage of VoIP and hosted services without the need to invest in costly dedicated connectivity. Supplying a fully resilient, business grade connection perfect for cloud based services such as hosted telephony, it also allows your business to take advantage of remote working practies such as sharing files across a dispersed workforce.

It’s a great step for businesses that have currently outgrown their business ADSL and are looking for a more scalable, faster and higher bandwidth connectivity solution.

Ideal for:

  • Heavy internet usage
  • Multiple users, offices or devices
  • Remote working
  • File sharing
  • Cloud services and hosted telephony

Key Features

  • Superfast speeds
  • Up to 80Mbps down and 20Mbs up
  • Unlimited and unmetered downloads
  • Good availability
  • Perfect for remote working
  • Comparable costs to traditional ADSL
  • Proactive UK Technical Support
  • Quick installation or upgrade
  • Utilise existing lines
  • Viable alternative to leased lines

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