Microwave Broadband

Providing high speed internet access to businesses in rural areas

A completely unique service that can have a marked impact on the productivity and profitability of businesses in rural areas, Microwave Broadband can provide a high-speed connection to businesses that would otherwise only be able to access poor speed internet. As long as you you’re able to access one of our distribution masts, we can supply your business with high speed internet.

Regardless of which provider you use, if you’re a long way from your exchange or located in a rural area, the quality of your business phone line may mean that high speed internet is impossible. Even with the option to use a WiFi hotspot or mobile 3G internet, in most cases the service is limited and typically slow.

With Microwave Broadband, there is no need to rely on old business phone lines and WiFi hotspots. Using wireless technology, we can provide connection speeds up to 1Gbps in areas where that would be otherwise impossible to reach. Many of our customers currently using Microwave Broadband have seen a significant rise in productivity gains, with fast internet speeds now allowing them to achieve even more of their business goals.

With our uncontested microwave connections, we provide a guaranteed level of service that’s perfect for hosting video and other applications that require a large amount of bandwidth, which would otherwise not be available to you and your business.

Key Features

  • Faster speeds in hard to reach areas
  • Speeds from 10Mbps to 1Gbps
  • Fast and reliable connection
  • 24/7 UK customer support
  • Transfer bigger files
  • Rapid deployment: 5-10 day install
  • Low latency
  • Scalable bandwidth
  • No setup cost

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