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Hosted Voice

Offering considerable cost savings and additional benefits, a hosted telephone system is quickly becoming the more favourable communication choice for businesses throughout the UK. 

Delivered via the internet, it eliminates the need for telephone system hardware, dedicated telephone lines and specialised engineers. Being able to place calls over the internet instantly increases productivity and reduces call costs and line rental charges by including free site-to-site calls (even across international boundaries) and cheaper call rates. For a company looking for all the features of a full blown on-premises system, but without the costs, maintenance, and location headaches of hosting it yourself, Hosted Voice could be just the ticket.

hosted voip for business

Hosted VoIP for Business

A hosted VoIP phone system offers all the features of a traditional system, but without the costs & maintenance headaches of hosting it yourself.

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call management software | Network Telecom

Call Management

Our call management software allows you to manage and analyse all calls taking place on your hosted phone system in real time.

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call recording | Network Telecom

Call Recording

Built-in call recording enables you to capture each and every conversation that takes place on your hosted phone system.

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Mobile Convergence

Our hosted mobile app helps formulate a connection between your phone system, fixed handset and chosen mobile devices.

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