Hosted Call Recording

Provided as standard, our hosted phone system enables you to automatically capture each and every phone conversation that takes place within your organisation.

Call Recording is amongst the most effective way to get the best out of your staff and to provide the very highest levels of customer service. Previously regarded as something that only big budgeted large organisations used to undertake, the ability to record calls is now being adopted by SME businesses across the UK.

There are many reasons you may want to adopt a call recording service. New government regulations might have been implemented, internal policies within your business may have changed, or you may simply be looking at improving your staff training, customer service and efficiency levels.

Quick and easy to install and use, all call recordings can be saved in a format suitable for email attachments and are fully compliant with UK legislation.

Each recording can be easily accessed via the easy to NT Cloud web portal. This means that you can use your hosted phone system to improve employee performance, clarify orders and solve any potential disputes, all by listening back to the individual call involved.

Mishearing order details or customer information incurs costly errors that a company often has to absorb. Call recording can also be used to double check and review calls, allowing you to make sure quotations and deliveries match your customers exact requirements.

It also provides the ultimate staff training tool for delivering staff evaluation, training and development. It provides a great way of coaching your team by listening back to high and low quality calls together in order to improve performance.

Key Features

  • Liability: Resolve disputes with recorded evidence
  • Quality Control: Improve employee performance
  • Security: Detect security breaches & inappropriate calls
  • Training: Coach your employees
  • Compliance: Comply with FSA or PCI standards
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Audit Trail – A searchable log of all calls
  • Selective Recording: Only record what you want to

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