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Mobile Convergence

Our NT Cloud mobile app is a feature rich application for your smartphone which enables you to be in the office even when you are “out of office”. The application connects to your hosted telephone system and enables dialling and collaboration features on your mobile device.

NT Cloud mobile client has been designed to be used in conjunction with the core NT Cloud platform, formulating a connection between your phone system, fixed handset and chosen mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones.

This provides a new and exciting way of communicating with colleagues across the core NT Cloud service, ensuring you always maximise your productivity via managing your telephony and interactions with colleagues in the most efficient way.

The mobile app provides additional features such as soft phone, instant messaging, presence status and remote configuration of your hosted phone system. Saving you money, the mobile app enables you to reduce mobile phone call charges by using the application to dial in and force calls through your cloud based telephone system.

The platform’s shared cloud-based address book allows the mobile user to quickly access and call important contacts without needing to store each number on their local device. It also allows you to see the availability of colleagues and offers alternative methods of communication should either the office-based or remote employee be busy.

Key Features

  • Check colleagues’ status
  • Update your availability
  • Call office colleagues directly
  • Make calls over your hosted system
  • Re-route calls easily
  • Instant Messaging
  • Geographical location visible (optional)
  • Call History
  • On/Off mobile twinning feature

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