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Dedicated Servers

If you need a hosting solution that gives you the complete control and consistent stability your business needs, then a dedicated server is for you.

Our fully managed dedicated server options provide the ultimate in web hosting solutions. Supplying you with your very own truly physical server platform, our dedicated servers provide an unbeatable level of performance, reliability and scalability.

Whether your website handles thousands of visitors every day or simply requires specific server configurations, with a dedicated server you get exactly what you want without having to share or compromise your needs. Carefully managed and monitored by our team of experts at all times, you’re guaranteed a level of service that won’t ever let you down.

Your overall solution can be enhanced through a range of additional services such as hardware firewalls, shared firewall ports, IDS/IPS, server patch management, load balancing and pro-active monitoring, giving you a truly bespoke package.

Your server is completely yours which means we can give you the administrative access you need for complete control over configuration and the usage of your server resources. We’ll support and maintain your server to the highest levels, in optimum conditions with temperature control and robust security measures.

You have your own dedicated resources, leaving you with the uncompromised disk space, memory and capabilities you require even when operating the most resource-intensive applications.

Our hosted server options allow you to reduce your hardware expenditure and eliminate physical maintenance and repair concerns. With multiple management options available, you can choose to self-manage or for our expert engineers to cater to every aspect of your server.

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