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With instances of cyber fraud and network hacking on the rise, resulting in often disastrous consequences for businesses such as data theft and financial loss, it’s vital to ensure you have high quality, reliable and effective network security in place to protect your business from these potential attacks.

At Network Telecom, we provide 24/7 network protection via anti-spam, anti-virus and ‘best in class’ firewall protection. Offered as a standalone service or combined with our affordable, high quality IT support services, your business will have all of the tools necessary to ensure you stay safe and protected.

With our solutions for viruses, spam, adware, pop-ups, spyware and content filtering, any potential risks to your computer network security and the subsequent disruption to your business are dramatically reduced.

Simple to install and manage, we remove the confusion associated with choosing between a range of security products and add-on services by integrating network security into an easy to use, highly effective package that protects your network against hackers and viruses.


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