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Affordable, flexible and reliable voice calls

By connecting your business phone system to the phone network via the internet, SIP trunking offers you even better flexibility and cost savings (of up to 50%)! SIP achieves this by dividing your bandwidth between voice calls and data, all through a single internet connection!

As traditional phone lines move closer to being phased out in 2025, SIP trunks have proven to be a great future proof option for businesses, and also provide savings on your existing line rental and call costs. What’s more, the falling prices of SIP have made VoIP an ideal option for SME businesses.

Future proof your business

With no need for line installation, SIP trunks can be scaled up or down, in line with your business needs. Plus, remote and flexible workers will find their productivity isn’t compromised, with the ability to integrate their devices with a SIP-based business phone system. As a result, they will have access to the same features as their office-based colleagues.

Ensure business continuity

If your business experiences a line fault, power cut, or disaster, your calls will be automatically routed to an active broadband connection, therefore removing the need to maintain a parallel set of lines as back up for when these situations might happen.

Have complete scalability

One of the greatest benefits of SIP is its ability to be completely scalable, So, depending on your specific needs, you can easily scale up or down. For example, businesses that have busier periods can also increase their resources, to cope with their higher demand.


Key Features

  • Free inclusive minutes
  • 30-60% line rental saving
  • Highly resilient
  • Scalable: Add SIP lines at click of a button
  • National Presence: Choose any number
  • Fast and easy switching

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