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SME Phone System | Network Telecom

SME Phone Systems

Backed by a professional and skilled team who are experts in the SME market, we provide businesses across the UK with an extensive range of telecom services and packages that are tailor made for SME budgets.

We’ve built our business on helping SME organisations with their communication requirements and fully understand the need to demystify telecoms for smaller businesses who just want to understand how it will work and what difference it will make to their business.

Whether you're a brand new business or have been around for years, we provide a consistent and affordable services that help our customers grow.

office moves phone systems | Network Telecom

Office Moves

Moving to new premises can be stressful and takes a lot of organisation. As a valued customer we want to ensure your telecom services are the one thing you don’t have to worry about.

We specialise in helping businesses move or relocate premises. Whether you’re looking for a new business phone system, or to migrate your existing system, we aim to make the transition to your new location both smooth and headache free.

Our team of specialist engineers are highly experienced at re-installing telecommunications infrastructure ready for when you move in.

Network Telecom mobile voip

Mobile Working

At Network Telecom we enable our users to achieve an ‘in office’ experience from any location on any device. We combine both fixed and mobile telephony to offer a truly mobile workforce and uninterrupted communications service.

By utilising a range of devices such as cloud based phone systems, integrated smartphone apps, CTI, WiFi handsets, DECT phones, business mobiles and innovative UC applications, we free your team up to communicate wherever they are.

We ensure you are on the best call rates and maintain full visibility and control of every call made, regardless of location.


Network Telecom multi-site

Multi Sites

If your business operates in more than one location, we can provide you with a cost effective solution that will link all of your sites together through our cutting edge communication systems.

Offering 'best in class' technology means we can supply your business with a single, centralised phone system that operates over multiple sites. We remove the need to have a system in every location, significantly cutting costs and improving operational efficiencies.

We provide full visibility on the availability status of every handset across your organisation, regardless of where they are. Dial a colleague in your northern office using their normal extension and pay no call charges at all. Your calls never leave the internal network we design for you.

Network Telecom mobile working

Unified Communications (UC)

Communicate and collaborate anytime, anywhere, and from any device. We understand the changing expectations of the modern workplace and the need for more flexible technology.

Adopting a Unified Communications strategy can really change the way you do business and ensure your workforce can communicate effectively everywhere they work. UC is not a single product, but an integrated set of communication tools that provide a consistent means of communication across multiple devices, regardless of location.

We offer innovative UC solutions that allow one number to be used across multiple devices for voice, video, email and instant messaging. 

Network Telecom system upgrades

Phone System Upgrades

Upgrading your existing business telephone system can provide you with so many easy-to-use features, ensuring that a missed call will never turn into a missed sales opportunity.

At Network Telecom we specialise in upgrading business phone systems, often at little or no extra cost to your business. What’s more, we’ll happily decommission your old phone system and remove the hassle for you.

Our consultants will listen to all of your requirements and work with you to recommend the best upgrade solution for your business. Put simply, we take what you have already and make it better, often without increasing your costs.