• Unified Communications

Unified Communications (UC)

Communicate and collaborate anytime, anywhere, and from any device. We understand the changing expectations of the modern workplace and the need for more flexible technology.

 Adopting a Unified Communications strategy can really change the way you do business and ensure your workforce can communicate effectively everywhere they work. UC is not a single product, but an integrated set of communication tools that provide a consistent means of communication across multiple devices, regardless of location. Unified Communications is now at the core of innovative operations strategies, supporting cost reduction, simplification, increased productivity and competitive advantage.

At Network Telecom, we offer innovative UC solutions that allow one number to be used across multiple devices for voice, video, email and instant messaging. Our solutions also offer extended presence capabilities and integration with both diary activity and CRM packages. This provides a full audit trail of all communications, both in and out of your business. We’ve built up years of experience in helping businesses integrate their workplace technologies to encourage communication and collaboration between an ever dispersed workforce.

Why adopt a Unified Comms strategy?

  • Improve customer service and response times
  • Reduce wasted time tracking down staff and view real-time presence
  • Promote continuity across all business processes by integrating both voice and data
  • Reduced costs by improving productivity and operations
  • Enable your workforce to work remotely and remain productive, regardless of location
  • Reduced costs with only one solution to be managed by one supplier

Key UC Benefits:

  • Communicate anywhere, anytime and on any device
  • Merge calls from the cellular network onto WIFI
  • Use the presence app to look up colleague’s availability
  • Integrate presence with diary availability
  • PC Integration. Make and receive calls straight from your desktop
  • Divert calls from your landline number straight to your mobile
  • Present your office phone number even when calling from your mobile
  • Make phone system configuration changes straight from a mobile app
  • CRM integration – keep a historical audit trail of all communications
  • Convenience features such as fax to email and voicemail to email
  • Integration with Google Places. Identify who is calling you before you answer